Wisconsin Operating Engineers 139

Road Building and Transportation Infrastructure

Road building and transportation infrastructure are top of the mind in this episode of Building Wisconsin. Host Stuart Keith will start with Wis Department of Transportation Secretary Craig Thompson who'll provide an update on some of the current construction projects going on around the state and explain how the federal dollars from the [...]

Apprenticeship Opportunities With Wisconsin Operating Engineers

Learn more about apprenticeship opportunities with Wisconsin Operating Engineers Local 139 and the important role they play in our quality of life in Wisconsin in this video from Building Wisconsin TV. Host Stuart Keith meets with Local 139 President Terry McGowan and Training Director Dan Sperberg. Also, Wisconsin Dept. of Transportation Secy. Craig [...]

Construction of a Solar Power Project

Building Wisconsin TV features the members of Operating Engineers 139 to learn more about the construction of a Solar Power Project near Wisconsin Rapids. Host Stuart Keith meets up with Matt Benner from AZCO, Matt Mashuda from Mashuda Contractors, Tim Kreft from Alliant Energy and Terry McGowan, President of Operating Engineers 139 in [...]

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Keep Wisconsin Moving

Keep Wisconsin Moving is a report completed by the Wisconsin Transportation Finance and Policy Commission to help Wisconsin find a long term funding solution for the State's transportation system.  Building Wisconsin TV Host Stuart Keith meets with commission members Robb Kahl, Craig Thompson and Mark Gottlieb, to learn more about the report and [...]

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Operating Engineers 139 Pre Apprenticeship for Wisconsin High School Students

Know of a Wisconsin high school student who might be interested in an Operating Engineer career?  Then watch this episode of Building Wisconsin to learn about the new Operating Engineer Pre Apprenticeship courses being offered to students as a high school elective course.   Classes are online and offered through  Destinations Career Academy.  [...]

Wisconsin Operating Engineers Pride

Subscribe to the Building Wisconsin Blog to learn about major construction initiatives all around Wisconsin. Check out today's video to hear what apprentices are saying about the pride they have working as a member of Wisconsin Operating Engineers Local 139. Learn more at BuildingWisconsinTogether.com. For more videos on major construction projects in Wisconsin, [...]