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Steamfitters 601 HVAC Service Training

In today’s video from Building Wisconsin TV, we feature HVAC service training with Steamfitters Local 601. Host Stuart Keith meets with Doug Edwards from Steamfitters Local 601 to learn about the available training programs and then catches up with Howard Schad and Tom and Jim Dillett from Dillett Mechanical at a couple projects, including a hotel remodel and a large convention center. Subscribe to [...]

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UA Local 400 Recruiting

Our friends at Plumbers and Steamfitters UA Local 400 are proudly contributing to the great quality of life in northeast Wisconsin. Right now, they’re recruiting experienced professionals as well as qualified apprentices to join their team. Beyond excellent pay and benefits you’ll enjoy job security and growth, a great work/life balance and the [...]

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Steamfitters Local 601 Training Center Tour

Our friends at Steamfitters Local 601 are rightfully proud of their Madison WI Training Center which opened in 2017. In today’s video from Building Wisconsin TV, host Stuart Keith tours the Training Center with Joel Zielke and Dave Singer from Steamfitters Local 601. Also, Brad Werlein  from General Heating & Air Conditioning talks about what the facility means [...]

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It’s A Good Time To Install A Rain Garden

Rain gardens reduce flooding by soaking up and filtering storm water runoff. When the ground gets warm enough for planting, it’s a good time to install a rain garden to handle those inevitable spring rains. In today’s video from Building Wisconsin TV, Karen Sands from the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District shows host Stuart Keith how to [...]

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UA 400 Welding And Pipe Fabrication Training

Today’s video from Building Wisconsin TV  features Welding and Pipe Fabrication Training with Plumbers and Steamfitters UA Local 400. Host Stuart Keith first visits the Training Center where Business Mgr. Trevor Martin talks about available apprenticeship programs. Next we check out on-the-job Welding and Pipe Fabrication Training at Bassett Mechanical with company President Kim Bassett and [...]

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Road Construction Season Ramping Up

Spring is here which means the start of road construction season. While traffic was light last year due to the pandemic, more travel is expected this season as vaccinations accelerate. Projects will be ramping up soon from Interstate expansion to local repair initiatives. One thing they all have in common is that aggregate [...]

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UA Local 400 Honors Pulaski High School

In today's pre-pandemic video, Plumbers & Steamfitters UA Local 400 and the Mechanical Contractors Association present Pulaski High School in Pulaski WI with their Excellence In Technical Education Award. The award is presented to a high school in northeast Wisconsin that has demonstrated its commitment to technical education. Pulaski High School's Metals/Welding/Machining class [...]

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How To Replace A Lead Water Service Line

Plumbers do a lot more than just fixing leaks. In today’s video from Building Wisconsin TV, we'll show how to replace a residential lead water service line with Plumbers Local 75 contractor, Mid City Corporation. Homeowners and businesses should make sure that their water is lead-free since the EPA estimates that up to 10 million [...]

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UA Pipe Fabrication Training

At Plumbers & Steamfitters UA Local 400, their motto is "Train with the best." That's because the United Association of Journeyman and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipe Fitting Industry of the United States and Canada is a worldwide leader in pipe fabrication training. Learn more in today's video. Subscribe to the Building Wisconsin [...]

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