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Natural Gas Main And Service Line Replacement

In today’s video from Building Wisconsin TV, we’ll learn more about our natural gas distribution system as members from Steamfitters Local 601 replace a natural gas main and service line. Host Stuart Keith meets with Matt Fehler from We Energies to review the project and Jim O'Brien and Todd Nelson from Steamfitters Local 601 cover on-the-job training for PE gas piping. This [...]

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Plumbing For New Home Construction

In today’s video from Building Wisconsin TV, we feature new home construction and highlight the role of the Plumbing Subcontractor. Host Stuart Keith meets with Jeff Horwath from Jeff Horwath Family Builders and Paul Price and Darryl Michlig from Plumbers 75 contractor Best Price Plumbing. They cover everything from selecting fixtures to plumbing maintenance for a new home. Click here to find a [...]

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Wisconsin Operating Engineers Training Center

Today’s video from Building Wisconsin TV features the Wisconsin Operating Engineers Training Center in Coloma WI. Host Stuart Keith meets with Terry McGowan from Wisconsin Operating Engineers to learn about the classroom, heavy equipment and on-the-job training that comes with a Wisconsin Operating Engineers apprenticeship. Click here for more information and check out the Careers Tab on the Building Wisconsin [...]

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Training To Service Commercial HVAC Systems

Today’s video from Building Wisconsin TV features training to service commercial HVAC systems. Host Stuart Keith meets with Doug Edwards from Steamfitters Local 601 to learn about the available training programs then catches up with Howard Schad and Tom and Jim Dillett from Dillett Mechanical at a couple projects, including a hotel remodel and a large convention center. Subscribe to [...]

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The Dangers Of Stagnant Water

In today’s video from Building Wisconsin TV, host Stuart Keith meets with plumbing professionals to find out about the steps necessary to safely reopen plumbing systems in buildings that have been closed or underused due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Special thanks to ASSE International and Plumbers Local 75. Subscribe to the Building Wisconsin Blog to learn about major construction initiatives [...]

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Video Tour Of MillerCoors Brewery

Thousands of people would be taking the MillerCoors Brewery Tour in Milwaukee WI this summer, particularly with the Democratic National Convention in town. But that's not happening right now due to the disruptions caused by COVID-19. While you can't go there in person, you can take the behind-the-scenes hardhat tour in today’s video [...]

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2019 WI Pipe Trades Apprentice Contest

So many events have been cancelled because of COVID-19 which has resulted in watching a lot of replays of past triumphs. Today's video from Building Wisconsin TV features the 2019 Wisconsin Pipe Trades Apprentice Contest held at the Steamfitters Local 601 Training Center in Madison. Apprentices from around the state competed in exercises [...]

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Become A Professional Construction Worker

Learn how to become a professional construction worker in today’s video from Building Wisconsin TV as host Stuart Keith checks out Wisconsin Laborers at the construction site of the new Verona WI high school. We also visit the Wisconsin Laborers Apprentice & Training Center where state Training Director Craig Ziegler gives a tour and Business Mgr John Schmitt [...]

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Precautions Needed When Reopening Buildings

As more buildings and businesses reopen, owners and managers must take precautions to insure water safety for employees and customers. Stagnant water in pipes can cause elevated lead and copper levels and is a fertile breeding ground for the bacteria that causes Legionnaires’ Disease. Building and business owners looking for detailed web information [...]

Learn Useful Skills And Earn A Great Wage

Unemployment is at historic levels due to the COVID-19 pandemic and many jobs won't be coming back due to permanent business closures and downsizing. This has caused many people to switch gears and re-think their career path. The Wisconsin Pipe Trades Career Portal is a great place to get information and take action on a [...]

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