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Thurgood Marshall Apartments Address Homelessness

In this video from Building Wisconsin TV, host Stuart Keith visits the Thurgood Marshall Apartments in Milwaukee WI with Mark Klann from Cardinal Capital Management and Daniela Imig from Wisconsin Community Services. Learn how the Housing First Model is used to help homeless people as part of the Harm Reduction Project in Milwaukee County. Subscribe to the Building Wisconsin Blog to learn about major construction initiatives in Wisconsin, check [...]

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Apprenticeship Opportunities With WI Operating Engineers

In this video from Building Wisconsin TV, we’ll learn about apprenticeship opportunities with Wisconsin Operating Engineers Local 139 and the important role they play in our quality of life in Wisconsin. Host Stuart Keith meets with Local 139 President Terry McGowan and Training Director Dan Sperberg to find out about available programs. Also, Wisconsin [...]

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Replacing Sanitary And Storm Sewer Laterals

A home's sanitary and storm sewer laterals run from the home to the street and are the responsibility of the homeowner. Over time, they deteriorate and can start to leak. In this video from Building Wisconsin TV, we’ll show how these sewer laterals are replaced as host Stuart Keith meets with Steve Breitlow [...]

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Neenah High School Construction

This video from Building Wisconsin TV features the “Best Hands in the Business” as we check out the Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers of WI. First, host Stuart Keith heads to the BAC Training Center in Milwaukee where State Dir. Jim Vick tells how to start a career in the trowel trades. Then it’s on to the [...]

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More Women Are Attracted To The Trades

The current shortage of skilled workers is causing the Building Trades to increase recruitment efforts to bring in and train good people, including women. And more women are attracted to the Trades due to plentiful jobs with excellent pay and benefits. Steamfitters Local 601 is one of several trades at the forefront of [...]

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UA 400 At Mulva Cultural Center

In this video from Building Wisconsin TV, host Stuart Keith checks out members of UA Local 400 at the construction site of the new Mulva Cultural Center in De Pere. Business Mgr Trevor Martin explains how their members are trained in plumbing and HVAC for this project and John Buresh from Tweet/Garot gives a look at [...]

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Steamfitters 601 HVAC Service Training

In this video from Building Wisconsin TV, we feature HVAC Service Training with members of Steamfitters Local 601. Host Stuart Keith meets with Doug Edwards from Local 601 to learn about training programs. Then he catches up with Howard Schad and Tom and Jim Dillett from HVAC contractor Dillett Mechanical at a couple projects, including [...]

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Replacing A Lead Water Service Line

According to Public Service Commission data, there were over 170,000 lead water service lines across Wisconsin in 2020, many in the Milwaukee area. Next year, the state is set to receive $48 million in federal funding to replace lead water service lines. In this video from Building Wisconsin TV we’ll show how one of [...]

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UA Local 400 Reaches Out To Youth

UA Local 400 is committed to reaching out to youth in order to recruit future apprentices. In this video, 192 Boy Scouts from the Bay-Lakes Council participate in the  UA Local 400 Welding Merit Badge Clinic at Camp Rokilio in Kiel WI. UA 400 members provided the Scouts with hands-on experience in welding fundamentals [...]

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