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WI Operating Engineers At A Solar Energy Project

Wisconsin continues to make progress in the transition to renewable energy as solar projects already online and coming in 2024 will generate enough power for 245,000 Wisconsin homes. In this video from Building Wisconsin TV, we show how these facilities are built as we feature members from Wisconsin Operating Engineers Local 139 at a solar [...]

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Pointer Cleaner Caulker Restoration With BACWI

In this video from Building Wisconsin TV, we learn about Pointer Cleaner Caulker Restoration with the Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers of Wisconsin (BACWI). Host Stuart Keith starts at the Building Advantage Construction Career Fair in Milwaukee where high school students, joined by Milwaukee Bucks president Peter Feigin, learned about bricklaying, tile setting and Pointer [...]

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How To Use Less Salt In Water Softeners

Often a mystery to homeowners, in this video from Today’s Home Remodeler TV we learn how water softeners work and how to reduce salt usage. Host Stuart Keith starts at the Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District treatment plant to meet with Kathy Lake. We’ll learn about their treatment process and how too much salt is [...]

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Steamfitters 601 Madison Training Center Tour

Steamfitters Local 601 has a new, state-of-the-art Training Center in Madison. In this video from Building Wisconsin TV, host Stuart Keith meets with Joel Zielke and Dave Singer from Local 601 who give a tour while explaining the construction process. Also, Brad Werlein from General Heating & Air Conditioning talks about what the facility means for [...]

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Plumbing For Waste Water Treatment Plants

In this video from Building Wisconsin TV, we learn about plumbing for waste water treatment plants with the pros from UA Local 400. Host Stuart Keith starts with UA 400 Business Mgr Doug Dokey and then heads to the Heart of the Valley Waste Water Treatment Plant in Kaukauna WI to meet with District [...]

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Dancing Goat Distillery Tour

This video from Building Wisconsin TV features a tour of the Dancing Goat Distillery in Cambridge WI. Host Stuart Keith starts at the Steamfitters Local 601 Training Center in Milwaukee with Joel Zielke. Then it’s on to Dancing Goat for our tour with General Mgr. Sean Dotson and Head Distiller & Blender Nick Maas. We’ll see how [...]

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LEGOs Take Over Mulva Cultural Center

A different kind of bricks have taken over the Mulva Cultural Center in De Pere WI as a new exhibit, Bricktionary, opened this week. Designed to showcase the creativity and possibilities with the simple LEGO brick, the exhibition includes more than 150 custom-built models created by LEGO® Certified Professional, Ryan ‘Brickman’ McNaught and his [...]

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Expansion Underway At The Tributary Hub

Recently, Madison child care non-profit The Playing Field started a 15,000 sq. ft. expansion inside The Tributary Hub, a former big box store on Madison's east side that also houses the Plumbers Local 75 Madison Training Center. The expansion will provide trauma-informed care and education for up to 100 children from diverse backgrounds, [...]

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Quarries Important For Construction Projects

Construction projects are well underway in many places. Whether it’s an airport runway or an interstate expansion, aggregate from quarries plays an important part. In this video from Building Wisconsin TV, host Stuart Keith meets with state and industry guests and travels to a couple quarries to see how members from Wisconsin Operating [...]

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Being Salt Wise With Water Softeners

Salt pollution affects drinking water sources, inhibits fish reproduction and growth, aids some invasive species, damages infrastructure and causes soil problems. This video from Building Wisconsin TV shows how being salt wise with water softeners can make a big impact in reducing salt pollution. Host Stuart Keith meets with Steve Breitlow and Cory Thompson from [...]

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