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Backflow Prevention For Water Safety

Few things are more important than the safety of our water supply. In today’s video from Building Wisconsin TV, we learn about Backflow Prevention and protecting our water supply with backflow valve assemblies. Host Stuart Keith meets with Scott Hamilton from ASSE International, Vince Gallo from Plumbers Local 75, Jim Kosmatka from Milwaukee Water Works and Andy Brahm from Illingworth-Kilgust Mechanical. Subscribe to the Building Wisconsin Blog to learn about major construction initiatives in Wisconsin, check out our Roku channel and [...]

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Experienced Pros Do Better With WI Pipe Trades

Experienced plumbers, steamfitters, welders, sprinkler fitters and HVAC service pros do better in the Wisconsin Pipe Trades affiliated unions. Earn and keep a fair wage, avoid career surprises, enjoy a great work/life balance and stay on top of the latest techniques and technology. Click here for more info and to get in touch with a [...]

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Visiting A Cold Storage Food Warehouse

We trust in the safety of the fresh and frozen food we buy at the market. In today’s video from Building Wisconsin TV, we’ll learn about Ammonia Refrigeration Systems which make fresh and frozen food distribution possible. Host Stuart Keith visits Summit Refrigeration Group where owners Mike Conti, Fred Anderson and Rick DeGroot provide a tour along with members of Steamfitters [...]

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HVAC Service Training

We feature HVAC service training for commercial systems in today's video from Building Wisconsin TV. Host Stuart Keith first meets with Doug Edwards from Steamfitters Local 601 who talks about the training programs that are available. Then Stu visits a couple projects including a hotel remodel and a large convention center with Howard [...]

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Safely Reopening Plumbing Systems

More businesses are trying to bring back employees and customers and many schools and university buildings will soon be welcoming students back for the school year. Building managers need to take precautions to insure water safety for employees, customers and students. Stagnant water in pipes can cause elevated lead and copper levels and [...]

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Proud To Be In Plumbers Local 75

Members of  Plumbers Local 75 are well-trained, experienced and take pride in a job well done. In today’s video from Building Wisconsin TV, Mark Phillips from the Hooper Corporation talks about the pride he feels as a member of Plumbers Local 75 who was involved in the construction of Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee WI. [...]

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Mechanical Systems Maintenance At Epic

There may not be many people working at Epic Systems in Verona WI right now due to the Pandemic but in-house mechanical systems still need to be maintained. In today’s video from Building Wisconsin TV, host Stuart Keith travels to the Epic Systems campus to learn about Facilities Mechanical Systems Maintenance with members [...]

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Helping Craft Breweries And Big Breweries

Whether it’s a smaller craft brewery or one of the major players, all breweries need plumbers and steamfitters for installation and maintenance of their brewing systems. Today’s short video from Building Wisconsin TV features members from Steamfitters Local 601 at the MillerCoors Brewery in Milwaukee WI. Subscribe to the Building Wisconsin Blog to learn about major construction initiatives in [...]

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