Did you know Steamfitters help make the spirits we enjoy in our cocktails? In today’s video from Building Wisconsin TV, we’ll see how whiskey is made at Dancing Goat Distillery and how Steamfitters are an integral part of the process. Host Stuart Keith starts at Steamfitters Local 601 training center in Milwaukee with Joel Zielke. Then on to Cambridge, WI to meet with Dancing Goat General Mgr Sean Dotson and take a tour with Head Distiller & Blender Nick Maas. We’ll see how welding done by Local 601 contractor DeGarmo Plumbing & Piping effects the quality of their whiskey and why having highly trained welders is a part of their formula for success. Finally, welding instructor Erik Ogren talks about training and the Accelerated Welding Program for experienced welders to join Local 601.

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