WRTP BIG STEP Training episode from Building Wisconsin TV. Dane County WI is launching a collaborative program aimed at getting more people to work in the construction trades and, specifically, pointing more minority residents toward those jobs. Called Project BIG STEP, the program is the result of monthly meetings that began last summer with officials of trade unions, construction firms, minority services groups and job training organizations.

Added to the mix was WRTP/BIG STEP, a Milwaukee organization that helps funnel workers into industrial and construction jobs in southeast Wisconsin. Over the past 10 years, through partnerships with contractors and corporations, this group has helped fill more than 1,600 jobs with an average wage of more than $18 an hour. Through Project BIG STEP, contractors and trade unions will determine how many workers they need for upcoming Dane County projects while WRTP/BIG STEP will work with local organizations to recruit and train prospective employees. This video features some WRTP/BIG STEP success stories involving the Plumbers 75 Training Center in Milwaukee.