Steamfitters Local 601

Natural Gas Main & Service Line Replacement with PE Piping

The Members of Steamfitters Local 601 are featured in this episode of Building Wisconsin covering natural gas main and service line replacement.  Join host Stuart Keith as meets up with Matt Fehler from We Energies to review our project, Jim O'Brien and Todd Nelson from Steamfitters Local 601 to cover the on-the-job work [...]

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Steamfitters Showcase Pipeline & Natural Gas Distribution

Building Wisconsin TV will be featuring Steamfitters Local 601 in two episodes covering Pipeline & Gas Distribution.  Both shows will be seen statewide to help educate Wisconsin residents and taxpayers about the necessary replacement of aging natural gas pipelines in our State.  Watch and See who is doing the work to replace them, [...]

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Facilities Mechanical System Maintenance

In this episode of Building Wisconsin TV host Stuart Keith meets up with the members of Steamfitters Local 601 to learn about Facilities Mechanical System Maintenance. We also hear from Steamfitter Instructor Neil Mani about HVAC-Service Apprenticeships and Local 601 Business Manager Joel Zielke about plans for a new training center in Madison, [...]

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Wisconsin Pipe Trades Apprenticeship Competition On Building Wisconsin

Subscribe to the Building Wisconsin Blog to learn about major construction initiatives around Wisconsin. This episode from the Building Wisconsin TV series features a previous Wisconsin Pipe Trades Apprenticeship Competition held in Kaukauna WI.

Valley Power Plant – Natural Gas Conversion – Steamfitters 601

We tour the We Energies Valley Power Plant in this episode of Building Wisconsin and learn more about the conversion from coal to natural gas in this power plant serving the City of Milwaukee with electricity and steam.  Host, Stuart Keith catches up Mike Woznicki from We Energies, Stan Hohol from AECOM, and [...]

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MillerCoors Brewery Tour with Steamfitters Local 601

We tour the MillerCoors Brewery in this episode of Building Wisconsin featuring the members of Steamfitters Local 601.  Join host Stuart Keith as we meet up with Miller Valley Brewery Plant Manager Ken Litke, Steamfitter Angelo Finaldi and Ed Tonn and Joe Van Beek from Butters-Fetting Co., Inc.

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Building Wisconsin TV Series – Introduction

Join host Stuart Keith on Building Wisconsin covering construction projects throughout Wisconsin. This short video offers a brief introduction and outlines some of the goals of this new television series airing in Milwaukee on WITI-TV6 and TMJ4.