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    Steamfitters Showcase Pipeline & Natural Gas Distribution
    September 22, 2016
    Building Wisconsin TV will be featuring Steamfitters Local 601 in two episodes covering Pipeline & Gas Distribution.  Both shows will be seen statewide to help educate Wisconsin residents and taxpayers about the necessary replacement of aging natural gas pipelines in our State.  Watch and See who is doing the work to replace them, how they are trained, and who is training them. See State Schedule Here:  2016-building-wis-steamfitters-pipeline-gas-fall-schedule

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Building Wisconsin TV is a half-hour television series that travels around the state featuring commercial and residential projects, highlighting contractors, and showcasing the construction trades people of Wisconsin.

We also focus on the training of our organized building trade unions in Wisconsin and educate the public about what it means to our quality of life when we have highly trained and skilled trades people building our State.