Pipe Trades Pros Are Playing It Safe

In this time of isolation and emphasis on personal safety, Wisconsin Pipe Trades professionals are taking appropriate precautions to keep themselves and others safe. Through their career hub, they have a COVID-19 Health and Safety Portal and they've also reached out to non-union pros by postcard to share the helpful information. Good to [...]

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Recruiting For SE Wisconsin

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that there's a lot of construction going on right now in southeast Wisconsin and our friends at Plumbers & Steamfitters Local 118 are right in the middle of it! Right now, they're recruiting experienced professionals, as well as apprentices. Enjoy excellent pay and benefits, [...]

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Make A Move To The Wide Open Spaces

Plumbers & Steamfitters Local 434 covers an area that makes up half the state - from the Driftless Region to the Upper Peninsula border. They're looking for experienced professionals and apprentices as their skills are needed in these growing towns and cities. You'll enjoy great pay and benefits, job security and growth, a [...]

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Salute To Plumbers & Steamfitters Local 400

Shout out to our friends at Plumbers & Steamfitters Local 400 proudly contributing to the great quality of life in northeast Wisconsin! If you're an experienced pro who wants to work closer to where the Packers play they'd love to have you join their team. Beyond the pay and benefits you'll enjoy job [...]

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Like The ‘Up North’ Lifestyle?

If you like hunting, fishing and the rest of the 'Up North' lifestyle, why spend hours in the car when you can live there full-time? Plumbers & Steamfitters Local 11 is looking for experienced professionals and apprentices too. Enjoy great wages, job security and growth as well as a great work-life balance. Click [...]

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Make A Lifestyle Change

A new year and a new decade means a new start for many people. Have you thought about a lifestyle change? Experienced tradespeople are needed in the less populated areas of our state. People are friendlier, you get a lot more house for your money and it can be a great lifestyle for [...]

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We Energies Power Plant Conversion

Today’s video from Building Wisconsin TV shows how the We Energies Valley Power Plant in Milwaukee was converted from coal to natural gas by members of Steamfitters Local 601. Host Stuart Keith meets with Mike Woznicki from We Energies, Stan Hohol from AECOM and Chris Valerine, Paul Prill and Joel Zielke from Steamfitters Local 601. Subscribe to the Building Wisconsin Blog to learn about major construction initiatives in Wisconsin, [...]

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Steamfitters At MillerCoors Brewery

In today's short video from Building Wisconsin TV, we'll showcase some of what Steamfitters do at the MillerCoors Brewery in Milwaukee WI. Special thanks to our friends at Steamfitters Local 601. Subscribe to the Building Wisconsin Blog to learn about major construction initiatives in Wisconsin, check out our Roku channel and be sure to like us on Facebook!  

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Apprentices Advance In WI Pipe Trades Contest

In today's video from Building Wisconsin TV, we feature the heated competition at the 2019 Wisconsin Pipe Trades Apprenticeship Contest held in Madison at the Steamfitters Local 601 Training Center. Building Wisconsin wants to congratulate the winners: Justin Lindberg in Steamfitting; Tom Adams in Plumbing; Dennis Komassa in Sprinkler Fitting; Dylan Mercier in [...]

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