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Learn Useful Skills And Earn A Great Wage

Unemployment is at historic levels due to the COVID-19 pandemic and many jobs won't be coming back due to permanent business closures and downsizing. This has caused many people to switch gears and re-think their career path. The Wisconsin Pipe Trades Career Portal is a great place to get information and take action on a [...]

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Earn While You Learn

A lot of people who have lost jobs during the Covid-19 pandemic are using the time off to re-think their career path. The Wisconsin Pipe Trades career portal is a great place to get information and take action on a better career. Apprentices earn while they learn with excellent pay and benefits and [...]

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Get The Most Out Of Your Pipe Trades Career

If you're an experienced pipe trades professional, get the most out of your career with the Wisconsin Pipe Trades. You'll enjoy a better wage, family health coverage, pension and retirement as well as education and training on the newest techniques and technologies. Click here to get started and connect with a fellow pipe [...]

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Get Job Security With WI Pipe Trades

It's no secret that unemployment claims are way up. If you're one of those affected, maybe a career change is in order. The Wisconsin Pipe Trades are looking for qualified beginners for their apprenticeship programs and there's plenty of opportunity for experienced pros too. You'll enjoy excellent pay and benefits, job security and [...]

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WI Pipe Trades Career Portals Get Results

Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, the Wisconsin Pipe Trades career portals are a great way to get information and take action on a better career. Receive excellent pay and benefits, job security and growth, a great work/life balance and the knowledge that you're making a difference in the community. [...]

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