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More Women Need To Consider The Trades

While many of the Building Trades have increased recruiting efforts towards women, the numbers are still woefully inadequate. For example, in 2018 it was estimated that women comprised only 5.4% of welders, 2.4% of electricians and 2.2% of carpenters. We're starting to develop interest early with programs like CAMPBuild and in today's video [...]

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CampBUILD Introduces Girls To The Trades

CampBUILD is the result of a combined vision between the Badgerland Girl Scouts and Madison College to help build a bridge between women and the skilled trades. This summer, CampBUILD hosted camps for girls from pre-K through high school over 2 weeks. Kindergarteners designed and built birdhouses with hand tools while middle and [...]

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Local 601 Apprentices Advance In District 4 Contest

Building Wisconsin TV wants to echo congratulations to Steamfitters Local 601 members Scott Graper (welder) and Justin Lindberg (steamfitter) for placing 1st in the 2019 UA District 4 Apprentice Contest. They moved on to the UA International Pipe Trades Championships in Ann Arbor MI. In today’s video, we feature competition from the 2019 [...]

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College Isn’t For Everyone

Right now, millions of high school graduates are getting ready to head off to college with no idea what they're getting into. Many will find out the hard way that college isn't for everyone. If you like to work with your hands, check out today’s short video from Building Wisconsin TV. Plumbers Local [...]

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Affordable Housing Utilizing Universal Design

Universal Design is the design of buildings to make them accessible to all, regardless of age, disability or other factors. There is a growing call for developers to incorporate universal design to make apartments more accessible. In today’s video, Building Wisconsin TV features an affordable housing preservation project at the Northwinds Apartments in Manitowoc. [...]

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