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More Women Are Looking Into Joining The Trades

More women are looking into joining the building trades and for good reason. There are plenty of opportunities available for a rewarding career and pay and benefits are the same for women and men. In today’s short video from Building Wisconsin TV, we show how Sprinklerfitters save lives and property by installing and maintaining automatic [...]

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Plumbers Local 75 Reaches Out To Women

There's currently a shortage of construction workers and plumbers are no exception. As reported in today's article, while women make up 51% of the total workforce, in construction it's just over 9%. Many trades, including Plumbers Local 75 have been actively recruiting women to join their apprenticeship programs. At Plumbers75Careers.com interested candidates answer a few simple [...]

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Another Trade Reaching Out To Women

In today's market, the Building Trades are always looking for good people to enter their training programs. You get paid while you learn and pay is the same for men and women. Today’s video from the Building Wisconsin TV series features the IBEW Local 494 Electrical Apprenticeship for Wisconsin. Host Stuart Keith meets with Dean Warsh and Dan Large from IBEW Local 494 who [...]

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Recruiting Women To The Trades

Because of the booming construction market, there are more opportunities for a rewarding career in the trades. There's a shortage of skilled workers and pay is equal for women and men with no glass ceiling. In Wisconsin, more and more women are finding this out as you can see here. Today’s video short [...]

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