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Housing First Model At Thurgood Marshall Apartments

Many states, including Wisconsin are adding and improving services to aid homeless people and families. Solving the homeless problem in Milwaukee using the Housing First Model is the subject of today’s video from the Building Wisconsin TV series. Host Stuart Keith meets with Mark Klann from Cardinal Capital Management and Daniela Imig from Wisconsin Community Services to visit the Thurgood Marshall Apartments and learn about the Harm Reduction Project in Milwaukee County. [...]

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More Women Are Coming To The Trades

The booming construction market means that there are more opportunities for a rewarding career in the trades - for men and women. And the news media is picking up on it too as you can see from this article. Today’s video short from Building Wisconsin shows that there are $50,000 reasons to consider the Wisconsin Operating [...]

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Jump Start A New Career

Jump start a new career and learn about the IBEW Local 494 Electrical Apprenticeship in today's video from the Building Wisconsin TV series. Host Stuart Keith meets with Dean Warsh and Dan Large from IBEW Local 494. They cover the application process along with the curriculum and training for an electrical career through the IBEW. Also, Milwaukee [...]

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Foxconn Construction Underway

The first phase of construction at the new Foxconn plant in Pleasant Prairie WI has begun. There are approximately 400 workers now on site and more will be needed as construction progresses. To see how skilled these workers are, check out today’s video from the Building Wisconsin TV series featuring the IUOE Local 139 Training Campus in [...]

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Conserving Water At Mitchell Park Domes

The Mitchell Park Domes in Milwaukee WI are a meeting place and tourist attraction that have brought joy to visitors for over 50 years. Today's video from the Building Wisconsin TV series features a water conservation project at the Domes with Plumbers 75 contractor, Cornerstone Plumbing. Host Stuart Keith meets with industry guests to learn more and checks out this conservation project first hand. Subscribe to [...]

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Start Learning A Trade In High School

If you know a Wisconsin high school student who might be interested in a highly rewarding career as a Wisconsin Operating Engineer, then check out today’s video from the Building Wisconsin TV series to learn about the Operating Engineer Pre-Apprenticeship courses being offered to students as a high school elective. Classes are online and offered through Destinations Career Academy. [...]

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Preserving A Beautiful Landmark – Part 2

Today’s video from the Building Wisconsin TV series showcases the beautiful restoration of the Germania Building in downtown Milwaukee. Host Stuart Keith meets with one of the project's developers, Kalan Haywood from Vangard Group LLC to hear how it all started, construction manager Mark Klann from Cardinal Capital Management to see how it was built and local Milwaukee historian Bob Giese to learn about the history of the building [...]

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Spring Means New Home Construction

Spring is finally here although you wouldn't know it from the temperatures. And spring means new home construction season starts in earnest. Today’s video from the Building Wisconsin TV series covers new home construction and highlights the role of the Plumbing Subcontractor. Host Stuart Keith meets with Master Plumber Paul Price from Plumbers 75 contractor Best Price Plumbing along with Jeff Horwath from Jeff Horwath Family [...]

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Learn About The Water Energy Nexus

There's been a lot of talk in the news about the concern for water quality in communities all over America. In today's video from the Building Wisconsin TV series, we learn about the Water Energy Nexus. Host Stuart Keith meets with Justin Castleman from Plumbers 75 contractor Castleman Plumbing and Bill Graffin from the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District. For more, check out this article from The [...]

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