Plumbing Apprenticeship

Recruiting Women To The Trades

Because of the booming construction market, there are more opportunities for a rewarding career in the trades. There's a shortage of skilled workers and pay is equal for women and men with no glass ceiling. In Wisconsin, more and more women are finding this out as you can see here. Today’s video short [...]

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A Good Reason To Switch Gears

College isn't for everyone. And college can cause a young person to pile up an enormous amount of debt before making any real money. In today's video short from the Building Wisconsin TV series, Plumbers Local 75 apprentice Christina B. talks about switching from college to a plumbing apprenticeship. Subscribe to the Building Wisconsin [...]

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Foxconn Information Session Draws 500 Companies

An information session for hopeful Foxconn Technology Group contractors, vendors and others drew almost 500 companies last week. Foxconn has committed to spending approximately $1.4 billion with Wisconsin-based suppliers. As construction gears up, many well-trained workers will be needed. Today’s video from the Building Wisconsin TV series features the Plumbers Local 75 Apprenticeship Process for Wisconsin. It shows what [...]

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Getting Ready For Foxconn

You can't open a news website or turn on your TV without seeing a story about the deal for Taiwan-based Foxconn Technology Group to build a manufacturing facility in Wisconsin and bring 13,000 jobs to the state. But before any of that happens a lot of construction has to take place and Wisconsin [...]

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Salute To Our Building Trades

Wisconsin building trades workers are back after a well-deserved 3 day Labor Day weekend. Labor Day is a time to celebrate as we did in Milwaukee, Madison and elsewhere. But it's also a time to re-focus on the work that lies ahead. Building Wisconsin salutes and thanks all the union building trades people [...]

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June Is Plumbing Apprenticeship Month!

June is Plumbing Apprenticeship Month! This June, Building Wisconsin will be rolling out a new episode featuring the Plumbers 75 Apprenticeship Training Program. Today’s Building Wisconsin episode features Plumbers 75 contractor Borth-Wilson Plumbing and Remodeling covering a classic bathroom remodel in a 50-year old home in Brookfield WI. We also cover a common [...]

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