Fiserv Forum

Pride In Hiring Locally

We're always being told to "buy local." It's fundamentally important that we "hire local" too when it comes to our major construction projects. Wisconsin contractors paying a responsible wage to our highly trained Wisconsin trades people ensures that the money - and taxes - stay here to maintain the quality of life that [...]

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Get To Fiserv Forum!

Those who follow the Building Wisconsin Blog know that we've featured a behind-the-scenes tour of the new Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee. If you haven't been there yet, you need to go! The sight lines are first rate, the spectator amenities are unsurpassed, the Bucks and Marquette are winning and the venue can be [...]

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Pride In Fiserv Forum

There's plenty of Wisconsin pride in Fiserv Forum right now. The Milwaukee Bucks own the best record in the NBA and their star player, Giannis Antetokounmpo, has been chosen captain of the Eastern Conference All-Star team. The other Fiserv Forum tenant, Marquette Mens Basketball currently boasts a Top 10 national ranking. The pride [...]

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A Construction Partnership

Our last post featured a behind-the-scenes tour of the beautiful new Fiserv Forum In Milwaukee. In today’s short video from Building Wisconsin TV, host Stuart Keith and Steve Breitlow from Plumbers Local 75 talk about the partnership between the Milwaukee Bucks ownership group and Wisconsin’s organized Building Trades in the construction of the new arena. Subscribe to the Building Wisconsin Blog to learn about [...]

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A Chapter Closes, Another Begins

Yesterday marked the end of the 30 year life of the Bradley Center in Milwaukee as the roof was imploded. In case you missed it, click here to see the video. But as that chapter closes, another begins with the beautiful, new Fiserv Forum. In today's video from Building Wisconsin TV, we’ll tour the new arena [...]

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Plumbers Make The World Go Around

December has been Plumbing Careers Month on the Building Wisconsin Blog. Have you ever thought about where we'd be without plumbers? Back digging holes for wells and outhouses, that's where! Plumbers do everything from making sure our toilets flush to engineering roof drainage and even the beer lines for massive structures such as [...]

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A Career You Can Be Proud Of

December is Plumbing Careers Month on the Building Wisconsin Blog. You'll be proud to start your plumbing career as a Plumbers Local 75 apprentice, knowing that journeyman plumbers currently make over $40/hour! You'll also enjoy work/life balance - having nights and weekends off to spend time with family and friends. Go to to get [...]

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Downtown Revitalization Continues In Milwaukee

There's been a lot of buzz about the new Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee and the growing development around it but revitalization is going on all over Downtown. Today’s video from the Building Wisconsin TV series features the restoration of the historic Germania Building. Host Stuart Keith meets with project developer Kalan Haywood from Vangard Group LLC to hear how it started, construction manager Mark [...]

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