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High School Courses That Lead To A Rewarding Career

In our last post, we featured $50,000 reasons to train to become a Wisconsin Operating Engineer. A great way to start is through the Operating Engineer Pre-Apprenticeship Courses offered to high school students as an elective. Classes are online through Destinations Career Academy. Check out today’s video from the Building Wisconsin TV series to learn more. Subscribe [...]

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Start Learning A Trade In High School

If you know a Wisconsin high school student who might be interested in a highly rewarding career as a Wisconsin Operating Engineer, then check out today’s video from the Building Wisconsin TV series to learn about the Operating Engineer Pre-Apprenticeship courses being offered to students as a high school elective. Classes are online and offered through Destinations Career Academy. [...]

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Can You Start Learning A Trade On Your Computer?

Can you actually start learning a trade on your computer? You can if you're a high school student enrolled in the Wisconsin Operating Engineers Pre-Apprenticeship courses offered online through Destinations Career Academy. Learn more in today's video from the Building Wisconsin TV series. Subscribe to the Building Wisconsin Blog to learn about major [...]

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