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Plumbers Make The World Go Around

December has been Plumbing Careers Month on the Building Wisconsin Blog. Have you ever thought about where we'd be without plumbers? Back digging holes for wells and outhouses, that's where! Plumbers do everything from making sure our toilets flush to engineering roof drainage and even the beer lines for massive structures such as [...]

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Plumbers 75 Apprenticeship Program

December is Plumbing Careers Month on the Building Wisconsin Blog. Today's video from Building Wisconsin TV features the Plumbers Local 75 Apprenticeship Program for Wisconsin. If you’ve ever thought about a career in the construction trades, this video shows what you can expect for training as a Plumbers 75 apprentice and the opportunities and income a career in [...]

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A Career You Can Be Proud Of

December is Plumbing Careers Month on the Building Wisconsin Blog. You'll be proud to start your plumbing career as a Plumbers Local 75 apprentice, knowing that journeyman plumbers currently make over $40/hour! You'll also enjoy work/life balance - having nights and weekends off to spend time with family and friends. Go to to get [...]

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Plumbers Local 75 Reaches Out To Women

There's currently a shortage of construction workers and plumbers are no exception. As reported in today's article, while women make up 51% of the total workforce, in construction it's just over 9%. Many trades, including Plumbers Local 75 have been actively recruiting women to join their apprenticeship programs. At interested candidates answer a few simple [...]

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December Is Plumbing Careers Month

We're declaring December 2018 Plumbing Careers Month on the Building Wisconsin Blog. Throughout the month, we'll feature information and videos about the opportunities available for a rewarding and lucrative career. For instance, according to the Bureau Of Labor Statistics, the number of plumbing jobs will increase 16% by 2026 - much faster than average. Those [...]

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Plumbers 75 Career Portal Debuts

A new online registration system for those interested in a plumbing career with Plumbers Local 75 is now up and running. At interested candidates can answer a few simple questions to see if they have the aptitude for a rewarding career in plumbing. It only takes 5-10 minutes and can be done [...]

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Recruiting Women To The Trades

Because of the booming construction market, there are more opportunities for a rewarding career in the trades. There's a shortage of skilled workers and pay is equal for women and men with no glass ceiling. In Wisconsin, more and more women are finding this out as you can see here. Today’s video short [...]

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Tour The Steamfitters 601 Training Center

A beautiful new complex off I-90/94 in Madison houses the Steamfitters 601 Training Center. In today’s video from the Building Wisconsin TV series, we’ll tour the facility. Host Stuart Keith meets with Joel Zielke and Dave Singer from Steamfitters 601 who talk about the construction process and show the completed Training Center. Stu also meets with Brad Werlein from General Heating to find out what this facility means for [...]

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Rain Can’t Dampen Labor Day Festivities

There may have been more rain, flooding and closed roads in Wisconsin on Labor Day but the rain didn't dampen Labor Day festivities around around the state. Crowds were up and attendees pledged solidarity and activism in the coming elections. Building Wisconsin salutes and thanks the Tradespeople in our state who contribute to the quality [...]

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