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Affordable Housing Utilizing Universal Design

Universal Design is the design of buildings to make them accessible to all, regardless of age, disability or other factors. There is a growing call for developers to incorporate universal design to make apartments more accessible. In today’s video, Building Wisconsin TV features an affordable housing preservation project at the Northwinds Apartments in Manitowoc. [...]

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Landmark Building Restoration – Part 2

In our last post, we featured the restoration process for the landmark Germania Building in downtown Milwaukee. Today’s video from Building Wisconsin TV  features a tour of the completed restoration. Host Stuart Keith meets with developer Kalan Haywood from Vangard Group LLC to find out how the project started and construction manager Mark Klann from Cardinal Capital Management [...]

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Landmark Building Restoration – Part 1

In today’s video from Building Wisconsin TV, we feature Part 1 of the preservation of the landmark Germania Building built in 1896 in downtown Milwaukee. Host Stuart Keith meets with construction manager Mark Klann from Cardinal Capital Management to learn about the interior demolition, planning and preservation of this iconic building. And Steve Breitlow from Plumbers Local 75 talks about the plumbing aspects [...]

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More Affordable Housing Preservation

Affordable housing preservation is important if we are going to maintain our overall quality of life in Wisconsin. In today's video, Building Wisconsin TV travels to Manitowoc for an affordable housing preservation project at the Northwinds Apartments. Host Stuart Keith meets with Mark Klann and Carol Keen from Cardinal Capital Management who show us the project and we’ll see how a standard [...]

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Affordable Housing Project In Racine

Affordable housing is an important part of our quality of life in Wisconsin. In today’s video from Building Wisconsin TV, we feature affordable housing preservation with Cardinal Capital Management at the Albert House project in Racine. This project was funded through Federal tax credits managed by the Wisconsin Housing Preservation Corp. Subscribe to the Building Wisconsin [...]

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Thurgood Marshall Apartments Serve The Homeless

In today's video from Building Wisconsin TV, host Stuart Keith visits the Thurgood Marshall Apartments in Milwaukee with Mark Klann from Cardinal Capital Management and Daniela Imig from Wisconsin Community Services. We'll learn how the Housing First Model is used to help homeless people as part of the Harm Reduction Project in Milwaukee County. Subscribe to [...]

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Preserving Affordable Housing For Native Americans

Today's video from Building Wisconsin TV features an affordable housing preservation project at the Red Cliff Reservation in northern Wisconsin. Using Federal Tax Credit funding and guidance from Cardinal Capital Management, homes built 40-60 years ago are remodeled for energy efficiency and comfort with Native Americans from the Reservation. Special thanks to Plumbers 75 and Alpine Plumbing. [...]

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Downtown Revitalization Continues In Milwaukee

There's been a lot of buzz about the new Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee and the growing development around it but revitalization is going on all over Downtown. Today’s video from the Building Wisconsin TV series features the restoration of the historic Germania Building. Host Stuart Keith meets with project developer Kalan Haywood from Vangard Group LLC to hear how it started, construction manager Mark [...]

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Happy Thanksgiving 2018

As we approach another Thanksgiving Day, let's remember things to be thankful for: good health, family and friends, good paying jobs and our quality of life in Wisconsin. Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at Building Wisconsin TV and the Building Wisconsin Blog! Solving the homeless problem using the Housing First Model is the subject of today’s video from [...]

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