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Get The Most Out Of Your Pipe Trades Career

If you're an experienced pipe trades professional, get the most out of your career with the Wisconsin Pipe Trades. You'll enjoy a better wage, family health coverage, pension and retirement as well as education and training on the newest techniques and technologies. Click here to get started and connect with a fellow pipe [...]

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Renovation With Historic Preservation

Last week, we showed the interior demolition and historic preservation of the Germania Building in downtown Milwaukee. In today's video from Building Wisconsin TV, we'll see the finished product as host Stuart Keith tours the completed renovation. Kalan Haywood from Vangard Group LLC tells how the project began and construction manager Mark KlannĀ fromĀ Cardinal [...]

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Quarries Important In Road Building

April 1 marked the start of several major road construction projects across the state and that's not a joke. While asphalt works fine for fixing potholes, it's aggregate from quarries that makes our interstates and other major roads last as long as they do. In today's video from Building Wisconsin TV, host Stuart [...]

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Get Job Security With WI Pipe Trades

It's no secret that unemployment claims are way up. If you're one of those affected, maybe a career change is in order. The Wisconsin Pipe Trades are looking for qualified beginners for their apprenticeship programs and there's plenty of opportunity for experienced pros too. You'll enjoy excellent pay and benefits, job security and [...]

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Renovation In A Historic Building

The Germania Building was built in downtown Milwaukee in 1896. Today's video from Building Wisconsin TV features the renovation of this historic building. Host Stuart Keith meets with Construction Mgr. Mark Klann from Cardinal Capital Management who shows how the interior demolition and preservation were accomplished. Then Steve Breitlow from Plumbers Local 75 [...]

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Wisconsin Operating Engineers Pride

While most of us are following Gov. Evers mandate to stay home, construction is still considered essential and workers are taking precautions as they keep projects moving forward. In today's video from Building Wisconsin TV, we hear Wisconsin Operating Engineers Local 139 apprentices talk about the pride they feel and take in their [...]

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WI Pipe Trades Career Portals Get Results

Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, the Wisconsin Pipe Trades career portals are a great way to get information and take action on a better career. Receive excellent pay and benefits, job security and growth, a great work/life balance and the knowledge that you're making a difference in the community. [...]

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Making The Deer District Happen

The area around Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee is known as the Deer District. It might be without the crowds right now but it used to be without the buildings too. In today's video from Building Wisconsin TV, we'll show how the beautiful Fiserv Forum was constructed and how the Deer District was planned. [...]

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Gas Main And Service Line Replacement

Today's video from Building Wisconsin TV features our natural gas distribution system as members from Steamfitters Local 601 replace a natural gas main and service line. Host Stuart Keith meets with Matt Fehler from We Energies and Jim O'Brien, Todd Nelson and Joel Zielke from Steamfitters Local 601. This video has over 84,000 [...]

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WI Pipe Trades Looking For Experienced Pros

If you're an experienced plumber, welder, or similar tradesperson, it's time to take action. You can do better by joining the Wisconsin Pipe Trades affiliated unions. Never worry about asking for a raise again, get better health and retirement benefits, avoid career surprises and know that your voice matters. Click here to get [...]

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