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Backflow Valve Assemblies

In today's video from Building Wisconsin TV, we learn about protecting our water supply with backflow valve assemblies for backflow prevention. Host Stuart Keith meets with Scott Hamilton from ASSE International, Vince Gallo from Plumbers Local 75, Jim Kosmatka from Milwaukee Water Works and Andy Brahm from Illingsworth-Kilgust Mechanical. Subscribe to the Building Wisconsin [...]

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New Home Construction – Plumbing

Today’s video from Building Wisconsin TV highlights the role of the Plumbing Subcontractor in new home construction. Host Stuart Keith meets with Jeff Horwath from Jeff Horwath Family Builders and Paul Price and Darryl Michlig from Plumbers 75 contractor Best Price Plumbing. They cover everything from selecting plumbing fixtures to plumbing maintenance for your new home. Click here to find a reputable plumbing subcontractor in the [...]

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Inspecting And Cleaning A Sewer Lateral

If you haven't inspected your home's sewer lateral for a few years, now is a good time. When winter comes and the ground freezes it's a lot tougher fix if there’s a problem. In today’s video from Building Wisconsin TV, host Stuart Keith and Justin Castleman from Castleman & Sons Plumbing show how a sewer [...]

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More Women Need To Consider The Trades

While many of the Building Trades have increased recruiting efforts towards women, the numbers are still woefully inadequate. For example, in 2018 it was estimated that women comprised only 5.4% of welders, 2.4% of electricians and 2.2% of carpenters. We're starting to develop interest early with programs like CAMPBuild and in today's video [...]

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Steamfitters 601 HVAC Service Training

Today's video from Building Wisconsin TV features HVAC service training. Host Stuart Keith meets with Doug Edwards from Steamfitters Local 601 to learn about the available training programs. Then Stu catches up with Howard Schad and Tom and Jim Dillett from Dillett Mechanical out on a couple HVAC projects, including a hotel remodel and a large convention [...]

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Building A New High School

In today’s video from Building Wisconsin TV, we’ll check out the construction of the new Verona High School set to open in 2020. Host Stuart Keith meets with Verona School District Supt. Dean Gorell to learn about the project and Kevin Roth from JH Findorff & Son explains the role of Wisconsin Laborers in getting the [...]

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Replacing A Lead Service Line

High lead concentrations in water is a problem in many parts of the country. In fact, the EPA estimates that up to 10 million US homes and buildings get water from pipes that are partially made of lead. In today's video from Building Wisconsin TV, we'll show the process for replacing a lead [...]

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Sprinklerfitter Apprentice Competition

In today's video from Building Wisconsin TV, host Stuart Keith and Dave Singer from Steamfitters Local 601 check out the Sprinklerfitter Apprentice Competition at the 2019 Wisconsin Pipe Trades State Apprenticeship Contest. Subscribe to the Building Wisconsin Blog to learn about major construction initiatives in Wisconsin, check out our Roku channel and be sure to like us on Facebook! [...]

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Quarries Still Needed For Road Building

While we recycle as much material as we can, aggregate from quarries still plays an important part of virtually every major road construction project in the state. In today’s video from Building Wisconsin TV, host Stuart Keith meets with WIDOT Secretary Craig Thompson and other industry guests and travels to a couple quarries to see [...]

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